Lakshay engineering institute is an education & Best CAD-CAM Training wing of MS Construction Company (PWD Registered) having field experience of More than 20 Years which proves our field exposure and consistency. Our filed experience plays an important role in our technical training which makes our training efficient for students. We are associated with 150 colleges over the Entire Nation as training partner, more than 50 industries as recruitment partner.

Lakshay engineering institute is into CAD-CAM Trainings, Industrial Internships, Placements, Construction & Project Consultancy with the perfection and satisfied clienteles all over India.

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future

Engineers are the foundation of any nation’s development & Peaceful growth. Engineers are future of the Country this thought motivates us to deliver quality training and dedication towards our work.


LEI inculcate individual specific, quality, Field Based training and specialized consulting. We offer customized courses for our students and clients. This helps them to meet their requirements. We further provide the appropriate training, skills and solutions without any compromise on quality. Our biggest advantage and strength is the skill sets of our training Professionals, who are from a wide range of corporate, industrial and academic backgrounds. This enhances the ability of our Faculties to understand and provide solutions. We endeavour to support our faculties with dedication in providing top level training.

Our mission is to create engineers not just graduates who can visualise and analyse their future as an engineer. We want to make them realise that engineers are not meant to see the dreams else they are meant to develop the best technologically hi tech infrastructure for the next generation of our country. The country which already have the best ancient engineering knowledge that makes us the best and speedy developing Economy on this Planet.

CAD-CAM Training

Summer, Industrial Training

Construction & Consultancy


Project Management


Develop Knowledge through Experience

Our students connect what they learn in the classroom with real-life experiences to develop deeper knowledge. Collaborating with others, students build competitive behaviour for future coming challenges.


Discover Lasting Solutions

Lakshay Institute researchers dive deep to solve complex problems across disciplines. Faculty and students design safer design and analyse them for complex difficulties for best research and development.


Partner to Serve Communities

We engage communities to develop and share knowledge that addresses real-world concerns. Students collaborate to design a library of knowledge and experts share their knowledge about real world execution of engineering and technology.